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Here is a way to eliminate some spam from your inbox:

* Enable SpamAssassin
o SpamAssassin is located in the Control Panel under the "Mail" Icon. Enabling it will mark incoming emails as spam if they meet the required criteria. You can then configure SpamAssassin to rewrite the subject of the email to start with something like "*******SPAM*******". If SpamAssassin is correctly tagging your email with this subject, then you can create a filter to discard all emails with the subject containing "*******SPAM*******"

After enabling Spam Assassin in order to stop recieving Spam Assassin emails, you must create an email filter to automatically discard these emails. To do so, follow these steps.

1)Login to cPanel
2)Click on 'Mail'
3)Click on 'Email Filtering'
4)Click on 'Add Filter'
5)In the Boxes provided, Change 'Subject' to 'Spam Assassin Spam Header'. Change 'contains' to 'begins with'. Type 'Yes' in the text box, and 'Discard' in the last box.

This will stop any further Spam Assassin messages from finding their way into your inbox.


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