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The error pages available in Warp themes are white-label, minimalist designs that fit perfectly with any of our temlatess and serve as an override to the system defaults.

There are three types of error pages available:

error pages 404

Error & Browser Upgrade Pages

The error page shows HTTP error codes. For example, when a visitor requests a missing page, the Error Page layout will be displayed with a 404 error title and description text.







error pages ie6


It's the new-age people! Modern web technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 are used all around the web to progressively enhance websites, cutting down on the dependencies of JavaScript, Flash, etc. Unfortunately, not all browsers are able to take advantage of these tactics, the worst offenders being IE6 and IE7. Since Warp 6 does not support IE6 or IE 7, the Browser Upgrade Page is used to display a strong yet simple message, notifying the user they should upgrade their browser for a better viewing experience. This can be turned off via the template settings page.




error pages offline

Offline Mode Page

In the event you need to perform maintenance on your website, activating the offline mode page will notify your users that your site is currently unavailable. This is extremely useful when upgrading or testing out new features on your website.







Override and customize the Error Pages

The HTML output of the error and offline pages are located in /warp/layouts within your theme.

  • Error Pages: /warp/layouts/error.php
  • Offline Pages: /warp/layouts/offline.php

To override the HTML output, you can copy these files to the template /layouts directory or even better create your own style and change the files to your needs. If you are using your own style copy the files to /styles/YOUR_STYLE/layouts. Further, this way you won't lose any of your changes after an update of your theme. If you would like to edit the language output, simply edit the Warp language file.


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